​Life Saving Training

Choke Saver

$ 25.00 Per Student 

This is a 1 hour long course intended to teach the lay person how to recognize a choking victim; and to respond using Abdominal Thrusts (aka Heimlich Maneuver). 

Hands-on training is done with manikins for better retention of skills.

Recommended for restaurant employees, food service personnel or those working with high risk individuals. 

Also included in the course is what to when the choking person stops responding, plus other breathing emergencies like heart attacks and overdoses.

Upon completion of hands-on skills, participants receive a

Certificate of Completion & Choke Saver Card.

We will travel with in 25 miles of the North Shore of Boston for 6 or more students

further distances may require a fuel charge, also less than 6 students may have an additional charge.

The cost is $ 25.00 per student please call to book this life saving class.

Your City/Town [BOH] enforces the following Mass DPH State Laws:

105 CMR 590.009: Special Requirements,

(E) “Anti Choking Procedures for Food Service Establishments” Pursuant to M. G. L. c. 94, § 305D, each food service establishment having a seating capacity of 25 persons or more shall:  
(1) Have on its premises, while food is being served, an employee trained in, manual procedure approved by the Department to remove food lodged in a persons throat;

105 CMR 605.003: Approved Manual Procedures

The Department approves the procedure known as the Heimlich Maneuver and the sequence of obstructed airway maneuvers...